ETF technology wins for the second time in a row

19 September 2019
Category: Events, Rides

This time the prize was linked to the Popcorn Revenge attraction which was opened earlier this year at Walibi in Belgium. A new ride with trackless vehicles from ETF, which randomly drive through the scenes in this dark ride. A big difference with traditional dark rides.

In addition to this great prize, there was more to celebrate for ETF Ride Systems. "Sesame Street" in Port Aventura in Spain is winner of "Family ride of the year" and "The best new European ride". Sally Corp. was the leading partner, but vehicle technology again came from ETF Ride Systems and here too the trackless Multi Movers from ETF were used.

In the "Best dark ride in Europe" category, "Symbolica" from Efteling won the 2nd prize with ETF Multi Mover vehicles.

These prizes proof that ETF's technology is still very much alive. A follow-up can be seen in a few weeks at IAAPA EXPO in Orlando, where ETF Ride Systems shows the newest generation of trackless Xperience Mover vehicles (with 3D movements). The vehicle, which will be taken into use at the beginning of 2020 in the new main attraction of a large park in the US, will also be unveiled.

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