Tiki Splash Roulette (ETF turnkey water ride concept)

Are you ready to take your chances in the Tiki Splash Roulette challenge? Are you and your team ready to voyage into the unknown on the ETF Aqua Mover and
experience the excitement of competing against other Aqua Mover crews as you
battle to win and stay dry in the Tiki Water Arena.

Tiki Splash Roulette: trackless, turnkey concept with game features for water parks

Tiki Splash Roulettte guides its visitors along different game features, with in the heart of the ride a challenge for Kanaloa, Tiki god of the sea. He decides – based on your score - if you stay dry or get soaked. This new interactive concept meets the needs of the water parks that are in search of theming and expanding the experience for all ages. The used water guns are electrically operated, which again differs from existing manually operated systems on the market; simply push the button and you create a water shot.

Tiki Splash Roulette is a one-of-a kind water ride that gives the water park that extra wow factor. A welcome addition next to high impact slides.

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ETF Tiki Splash Roulette technical data

Surface area ride Circa 900 m²
Application Indoor and outdoor
Type of ride system Trackless Aqua Mover
Typical no. of vehicles 8
Vehicle capacity  4 people
Ride capacity per hour       360 people
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