ETF Aqua Mover

Interactive, family-friendly and exciting water ride vehicle

A breakthrough new concept for water- and amusement parks around the world. The first fully trackless (interactive) water ride system developed for the immersive venue market. The Aqua Mover is a trackless ride system making it very flexible in manoeuvring through the water. Invisible wires in the floor, below the water, guide the Aqua Mover. A fun ride for the whole family!

The Aqua Movers can be equipped with high performance, push button electronically operated water shooters and with an impressive onboard sound system. The crews can compete with each other by shooting at targets. A real water battle can be played, giving fun and exciting moments to children.
Each Aqua Mover has two benches and can carry four people. The ride twists and turns unexpectedly with many moves such as 90º pivots, 360º on the spot rotations, splits and mergers and route crossings. The crew members are part of a fully immersed experience!

The ETF Aqua Mover can be tailored to the customer’s requirement, giving you a bespoke water ride system.
Collaboration with (y)our creative partners in the industry makes this possible, whether it is vehicle decoration or adding interactive elements like lighting or 3D effects. We are capable
of designing the Aqua Mover to maximise the engagement and entertainment value.

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ETF Tiki Splash Roulette technical data

Typical vehicle guidance distance 50 - 350 m2 50 - 350 m2
Track type No track, wire guided No track, wire guided
Application  Indoor and outdoor
Typical no. of vehicles  2 - 20
Vehicle capacity  4 people
Ride capacity per hour  360 - 720 people
Maximun speed 0.8 - 1m/s 0.8 - 1m/s
Maximum horizontal curve  1.6 m
Power speed  On board battery system
Operation time  12 hours/day


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