ETF Panorama Pedal

A high-level ride to enjoy the view

The ETF Panorama Pedal is a high-level ride that combines joy of pedalling with the comfort of an AC driven motor. This ride can be used as a
circular scenic “panorama” ride in a favourite area of your park or as a system of transportation from one area of the park to another.

Each vehicle has two pedal columns which can be easily and quickly adapted to the height of each individual passenger. What makes the Panorama Pedal intelligent is the extremely quiet AC drive motor, regulated by the visitors’ pedalling speed under a patented control system. When the passengers want a break from pedalling, the on-board control system simply takes over. The vehicle then switches to an electrically driven system until the passengers override it by starting to pedal again.

This single bench vehicle comfortably accommodates 2 adults and 1 child. For the passengers’ safety the vehicles can be equipped with seatbelts or lapbar systems. To create a larger ride capacity,
or to create a competitive element, it is possible to build two tracks side by side. Of course, the decorative body can be adapted to your park’s themes.

A special on-board sound system can be used to provide visitors information about the ride itself or about points of interest in the park.

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 Panorama Pedal Technical Data

Typical track lenght 200 - 350 m
Track type dual-track system
Application indoor and outdoor
Typical no. of vehicles 10 - 18
Vehicle capacity 2 adults plus 1 child
Minimum height for pedalling 1.2 m
Drive system pedal controled AC motor
Ride capacity per hour 480 pleople (double track option 960 people)
Maximum speed on track 2.0 m/s   in station 0.5 m/s
Maximum curve horizontal 7.5 m   vertical 20 m
Maximum incline 6 degrees

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