Launch of ETF Aqua Mover & Tiki Splash Roulette

22 November 2021

ETF Ride Systems launches its trackless technology now also for water applications by its new “ETF Aqua Mover“ at the IAAPA Expo in Orlando. ETF translated its experience with trackless people movers into this new water ride vehicle, which is also included in the water ride for all ages with game features: Tiki Splash Roulette.

25 years of experience translated into the “ETF Aqua Mover”
ETF has been active in the worldwide leisure market for decades with various ride concepts. "We regularly got the question whether our people movers are also available for water applications and from now on we can say wholeheartedly 'yes' thanks to our new “ETF Aqua Mover” which is also included in the Tiki Splash Roulette," says Ruud Koppens (CEO of ETF Ride Systems).

“ETF Aqua Mover” is the newest member of the ETF trackless family
The “ETF Aqua Mover” is presented in combination with the “Tiki Splash Roulette” water ride concept. Koppens, continues: "Because the “ETF Aqua Mover” works trackless it ensures unexpected fun and excitement because there are multiple, non-linear route options. You never know exactly where it is going! The “ETF Aqua Mover” is based on our trusted trackless ride system technology, of which already more than 750 vehicles are in operation all over the world. It follows an embedded wire in the floor, below the water, so visitors will not be distracted by a track. The vehicle has a double bench and a capacity of 4 guests. The track path has endless, fancy possibilities such as 90° turns and a 360° on-the-spot rotations, crossings, etc. A great people mover that can be used in water rides inside and outside!” This technology has been proven to be very reliable and also has very low maintenance costs.

Tiki Splash Roulette: trackless, turnkey concept with game features for water parks
To show its capabilities and at the same time introduce a new type of water ride which would fit perfectly e.g. into a water park, ETF also presents the new Tiki Splash Roulette ride.
It guides visitors in the “ETF Aqua Mover” along different game features, with in the heart of the ride a challenge for Kanaloa, Tiki god of the sea. He decides – based on your score, so it’s a real game, first time shown in a water ride – if you stay dry or get soaked. ETF thinks this new interactive concept meets the needs of the water parks that are in search of theming and expanding the experience for all ages. The used water guns are electrically operated, which again differs from existing manually operated systems on the market; simply push the button and you create a water shot.
Koppens concludes: “Tiki Splash Roulette is a one-of-a kind water ride that gives the water park that extra wow factor. A welcome addition next to high impact slides.”

“ETF Aqua Mover” also suitable for indoor water dark rides
The new “ETF Aqua Mover” also offers the opportunity to design a new kind of indoor water dark ride. Where existing rides follow a pre-determined path, now multiple routing is possible and one can add a new dimension to an indoor water dark ride.

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