ETF based ride wins at TEA Thea Awards Gala

17 April 2019

‘Bazyliszek’, the new dark ride at Legendia park in Poland had been awarded for outstanding achievement in the “Limited Budget’ category at the TEA Thea Awards Gala.
ETF Ride Systems provided the trackless Multi Mover vehicles on the ride. Jora Vision designed the decor and theming and Alterface applied it’s interactive technology.
The award was officially presented during the formal 25th annual TEA Thea Awards Gala, April 13 at Disneyland Resort in Anaheim.

Proud partner
ETF Ride Systems is very proud that, after ‘Symbolica’ at Efteling in The Netherlands won a TEA award in 2016, now another ETF based ride wins. Ruud Koppens, president of ETF, comments: “of course it’s a good feeling to win. It’s good for the specific park, for the partners involved, and for all the people who work in the factory every day to make this work and create these experiences.”

Dark ride development
Ruud Koppens: “dark rides are very popular, especially the trackless ones provide an extra dimension. Recently ‘Street Mission’ from Sesame Street opened in PortAventura in Barcelona, Spain and in Walibi Belgium ‘Popcorn Revenge®’, the first Erratic® Ride. This is a new dimension ride, no traditional one in which you go from scene to scene. With this new Erratic® technogoly, rides no longer follow the same sequence of stations, lining up in the exact same way all the time. Every ride vehicle has its own experience. Also this ride is designed based on ETF’s trackless Multi Mover ride vehicle, in custom adapted theme. Both rides are examples of ‘imaginative engineering’, and there is more to come.”

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