Bazyliszek, a new interactive dark ride, has opened at Legendia.

18 August 2018
Category: Rides

The new attraction is part of the recently re-branded Legendia theme park (formerly called Silesian Amusement Park) and it promises a one-of-a-kind experience featuring the latest in dark ride technology. 

Bazyliszek is the first interactive dark ride of this type in Poland, featuring 10 technologically advanced vehicles type ETF Multi Mover, each accommodating 6 people. The attraction covers an area of 1000 square metres and the experience lasts over 3 and a half minutes. It can accommodate 744 people per hour.

Riders are equipped with a laser gun and their mission is to overcome the monsters and other obstacles that appear on the route then defeat the monster that terrorises the villagers. Participants will stand eye to eye with Bazyliszek at the very end of the journey.

The riders are then scored and the results are visible on a multimedia board, which also ranks the bravest hunters, and the best shooter will be announced on the last day of the season.

Watch this video of Legendia and Bazyliszek ride!

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