ETF Re-rolling & inspection machine M 5620

Slitting and inspection in one go

With the ETF re-rolling & inspection machine large rolls can be easily inspected and re-rolled. This machine ensures straight and tightly-wound rolls and can be used for pile in and pile out (un)rolling. Optionally it divides large rolls into a desired length and width using a fast bi-directional cross-cutter and one or more longitudinal cutting units.

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Features & options

• Roll supply table
• Electronically width guided unrolling cradle
• Pneumatically operated arms to unroll bad wound rolls from the centre
• Inspection table with driven belts
• Inspection platform overhead the inspection table
• Electronic (optical) length measuring system M 2620 / M 2622
• Slitting system with one or more slitting units M 2422
• Tube dispenser
• Carpet rolling machine M 5720 or M 5724
• Film dispenser for on-line wrapping
• Roll discharge table

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