ETF Fully-automatic rolling machine M 5724

With minimum operators, maximum flexibility 

The ETF fully-automatic rolling unit can be installed at the end of any carpet production line.
This comprehensive machine can be operated by just one operator. Advanced design of the feed section together with the lapping bridge guarantees problem free winding, pile in or pile out, and wrapping of all carpet qualities. The special design of this rolling machine ensures perfectly straight and tightly-wound rolls and short cycle times. The rolling process of this machine starts fully automatic.

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Features & options

• Electronic (optical) length measuring device M 2620 / M 2622
• Bi-directional fast cross cutter M 2410
• Automatic cut out of marked parts, like seams or rejects
• Slitting unit(s) M 2422
• Both rollers independently driven for tight rolling and speeds up to 200 m/min.
• Pneumatically pivoting side guiders
• Dual lapping bridge for handling broad range of material thicknesses/two core diameters
• Pneumatically pivotting side guiders
• Automatic tube feed (also for multiple width tubes)
• Film dispenser for in-line wrapping
• Wrapping of split rolls
• Tacker beam M 2213 to fix the film to the material
• Heat seal beam M 2220 or automatic tape dispensers M 2210 to close the wrapped roll
• Automatic roll ejection

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