Special Machines

Imaginative utilisation of proven technology

All ETF machine concepts that are developed for floorcoverings can be applied to different areas. Our imaginative engineering department is excellent at translating your specific requirements into a unique design of a made to measure machine. Anything is possible. During the past 65 years of manufacturing machines we have built a special designed machine for application in another industry on numerous occasions. Even specials like a pick and place unit and polystyreen forming. The processes in floorcovering production are not unique. We are able to translate them into different areas.

The examples below illustrate this:

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Fabric inspection machine M 6320
The ETF fabric inspection machine is an advanced inspection machine for virtually all kinds of industrial fabrics. It operates with an inspection speed of up to 80 m/min from a batch roll to customer roll. It comprises an integral light box in the inspection table with additional lighting above it.


Lead slitting & rolling machine M 9630
ETF developed a machine for slitting, cross cutting and rolling of lead, both with or without a tube. This machine is a complete finishing system when delivered with tape dispensers for securing the roll, an on-line weighing and labelling system and an automatic palletizing system.

Re-rolling machine conveyer belt material M 6325
The ETF re-rolling machine for conveyer belt material has been developed for re-rolling both lightly woven inlay material and heavy conveyor belt material including automatic transportation and inspection.


Vinyl sawing machine M 6430
The ETF vinyl sawing machine is perfect for cutting 4 metre rolls into e.g. 2+2 metre width rolls or 3+1 metre. These widths can be varied to customer’s needs. The sawing position is supplied with a rolling unit which contributes to fast cycle times. The sawn rolls are carried out by means of a conveyor belt.




Re-rolling cut machine M 3821
ETF designed a very efficient machine for re-rolling and cutting various non-woven materials. It slits the material longitudinal, reduces the roll width or makes straight clean edges. This machine is extremely suitable if a minimum tension is required during the process when the non-woven is very thin. The machine operates at a maximum speed of 400 m/min.



Cut & stack machine M 5523
This ETF machine is the best choice for quick and accurate cutting and stacking of non-wovens and synthetic materials such as shammy, household cloth etc.


Thermal cutting machine M 3420
The smart ETF thermal cross cutting machine is equipped with temperature adjustable cutting knifes and can be used for all synthetic fabrics. It comes with a discharge system And the production speed is roughly 25 cuts per minute.


Wire lay-on machine M 3521
This ETF machine is specially designed for manufacturers of electronic blankets. It takes care of the wire laying and glueing during the production process.



Rug centre rolling and wrapping machine M 5725
The rug centre rolling and wrapping machine has been primarily developed to roll PP woven rugs pile out. By using the centre rolling technique straight and tight rolls can be guaranteed. The machine can roll and wrap up to 240 rugs per hour.


Would you like to know about the possebility of getting a machinedesigned specially for your challenge. Please contact our sales team.

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