ETF Offline vinyl finishing M 6610

Optimised offline roll preparation

This ETF offline vinyl finishing line is an economic and efficient way of preparing straight and tightly wrapped rolls from a jumbo roll. It is a smart combination of inspection, cutting, rolling and wrapping; all controlled through one common plc-program which ensures maximum flexibility. The vinyl can be taken from an A-frame or an unroll cradle. The line can be controlled by only one or two operators.

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Features & options

• Width guided A-frame with dancing roller for excellent tension control
• Edge cutting system M 2450
• Edge choppers M 2460 to save volume of waste
• Splice table with operator platform
• Inspection table with driven belts
• Slitting system with one or more slitting units M 2422. E.g. to divide 4m to 2x2m width
• Fully automatic vinyl rolling machine M 6720
• Offline automatic wrapping system
• Folding system for roll end closing
• Roll weighing system
• Automatic roll transport system M 5900
• Automatic roll sorting system M 5940

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