ETF Fully-automatic vinyl rolling machine M6720

Efficient rolling doesn’t need complicated operation

The ETF fully automatic vinyl rolling machine guarantees straight and tightly-wound rolls. It can be installed both on-line at the end of a production line or stand alone behind an inspection section. The machine is available for material widths of 2 up to 5 metre.

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Features & options

• Electronic (optical) length measuring device M 2620 / M 2622
• Bi-directional fast cross cutter 
M 2410
• Automatic cut out of marked parts, like seams or rejects
 Slitting unit(s) M 2422
• Special shaped rubber rollers to avoid sticking of vinyl
• Pneumatically pivoting side guiders
• Automatic tube dispenser
• Automatic roll ejection
• Wrapping system for automatic foil or paper wrapping
• Folding unit & bung press
• Automatic tape dispensers to close the roll
• Wrapping of split rolls

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