ETF All-round cutting machine M 5420

Accurate and versatile cutting 

The ETF all round cutting machine is perfectly suited for splitting
carpet rolls into rugs, runners, doormats, aircraft carpet or rolls for a sample department. The pieces are cut to a high degree of precision for the full length.

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Features & options

• Width guided unrolling cradle
• Adjustable side guides in unrolling cradle
• Pneumatically operated arms to unroll bad wound rolls from the centre
• Electronic length measuring system M 2620
• Adjustable length stop
• Bi-directional fast cross cutter M 2410
• Slitting units M 2422
• Manual or automatic width adjustment of slitting units
• Width guiding system on slitting beam
• Pneumatically operated push rollers before and after slitters
• Table with driven belts at discharge side
• Simple rolling unit

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