Scooby-doo adventure best new family ride

The 'Scooby-Doo Adventure' attraction designed by Global Estudios voted the Best New Family Ride 2005 in Europe.

The dark ride attraction, Scooby-Doo Adventure, at the Warner Bros. Park in Madrid was voted the "Best New Family Ride 2005 in Europe" at the prestigious UETPA Awards.

Scoobydoo  Scoobydoo
ETF Mystic Mover vehicles at beginning of “Scooby Doo Adventure” Ride

This is the second year Global Estudios has been awarded with a prestigious international prize for the design of a dark ride attraction, being the other one "The Labyrinth of the Minotaur" attraction at the Terra Mítica Theme Park, in Benidorm. This latest award positions Global Estudios as the leading company specialised in the design and development of these kinds of projects in Europe.
The UETPA, founded in 2002 with the collaboration of two important French theme park forums, awards various prizes to European parks by means of a voting system and surveys among visitors and organizations related to theme parks. The fact that end users decide by giving their opinions means these prizes are highly recognized among professionals and experts.

In addition to the project, Global Estudios undertook the technical and artistic management to implement the attraction along with its project and construction management, which was carried out in record time in line with the forecast investment budgets. This attraction was part of the business expansion plan for the season 2005 in which the Warner Park once again required the consulting services of Global Estudios.