Nürburgring – Formula I racetrack


























In the summer of 2009 ETF Ride Systems opened a new interactive dark ride application called  “Motor Mania” at the Formula I racetrack Nürburgring in Germany, in collaboration with Lagotronics B.V.

The Nürburgring is among the most famous racetracks in the world of Formula I racing and is located near Nürberg in the German region of Eifel.


ETF Ride Systems delivered eight ETF Multi Mover vehicles with six seats each, based on a trackless ride system. Each vehicle is themed like a race helmet. At certain points during the ride, the vehicles cross paths, spin and go into reverse. Each player can operate a shooting device and has a personal scoring display in front of each seat.


This ride gives guests the challenge of collecting parts and finally building a Formula I race car.