ETF Versatile rolling machine M 5728

Straight and tight large rolls, no matter what material

The ETF versatile rolling machine ensures straight and tightly
rolled rolls. It can be installed immediately at the end of a continuous or intermittent production line. Due to its modular design it can easily be (retro)fitted with e.g. a special central drive system or push roller to also roll artificial grass and nonwovens to very tight rolls.

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Features & options

• Electronic (optical) length measuring device M 2620 / M 2622
• Single direction fast cross cutter M 2410
• Slitting unit(s) M 2422
• Crush slitter(s) M 3021
• Electronically width guided
• Adjustable main rollers for several tube diametres
• Automatic tube dispenser
• Gluing unit in order to start the rolling process automatically
• Manually or pneumatically operated side guiders
• Pneumatic roll ejection

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