ETF Rug rolling and wrapping machine M 5727

Efficiently preparing consumer rolls

The ETF Rug rolling and wrapping machine is ideally suited
for tufted and woven rugs. The machine can roll up to 240 rugs per hour and secures them with either belly bands or a full wrapping. Rugs can be rolled either pile in or pile out, with or without a tube. The machine can be operated by just one

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Features & options

• Barcode scanner for automatic machine adjusting
• Feed in table with driven belts
• Fully automatic rolling unit
• Automatic foil dispenser for either full wrap or belly bands wrapping
• Stretch foil dispenser
• Automatic label dispenser
• Automatic roll ejection
• Automatic roll transport system M 5900
• Ultra-sonic sealing unit M 5230 to close roll ends automatically
• Automatic roll sorting system M 5940

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