ETF Cut length machine medium volume M 5632

Cost effective flexibility

This cost effective ETF cut length machine handles all carpet and vinyl qualities. It produces up to 200 customer rolls per 8-hour shift: wrapped or unwrapped. Depending on the degree of automation the machine can be operated by only one or two operators.

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Features & options

• Supply and discharge table for parent rolls
• Width guided unrolling cradle
• Single direction or bi-directional cross cutter M 2410
• Inspection table with driven belts
• Electronic length measuring system M 2620
• Slitting units M 2422 / M 2425
• Rolling unit for pile in rolling
• Ejectors for both the unrolling cradle and rolling unit
• Automatic online wrapping system
• Automatic roll transport system M 5900
• Ultrasonic sealing unit M 5230 to close roll ends automatically
• Automatic roll sorting system M 5940

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