ETF Carpet sample edge bevelling M 5530

Well-presented samples increase sales

This carpet sample edge bevelling machine M 5530 bevels
carpet samples on two or four sides fully automatically. Using up and down moving shearing cylinders it guarantees neatly finished sides. Especially on fine velour qualities. This bevelling machine can handle samples sizes from 7x7 cm up to 70x70 cm with a maximum capacity of 1500 samples per hour using only one operator or even without any operator when integrated in a sample line. 

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Features & options

• Adjustable operating speed
• Adjustable bevelling angle
• Twin set of shearing cylinders for high pile qualities
• Fusing unit to melt yarn behind a shearing cylinder
• Brush unit for pile side cleaning
• Automatic dust removal system
• Conveyor system to discharge samples
• Automatic label applicator
• Sample turning unit
• Automatic hole punch system
• Automatic stacking system

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