Outlet line M 5728

15 June 2017

In the beginning of 2017 ETF installed a new outlet line at one of her appreciated customers.

At the end of a production line which produces materials with a width up to 2 meter an accumulator, a versatile rolling machine and a wrapping winder were installed.

After the material is produced it can be temporarily stored in an accumulator.

This gives the operator the opportunity to e.g. eject a ready roll and start a new roll on the rolling machine without he need to stop the line.

The accumulator is equipped with a motor driven balancing system for the accumulator bridge which results in a perfect tension control.

The versatile rolling machine type M 5728, which was completely redesigned in 2015, creates straight and tight rolls.

Since the material is cut in the cross direction only after the ready roll is ejected, the material stays between the rollers continuously which means this type of rolling machine is very beneficial as well for very flexible and light weighted materials.

A width guiding system under the rolling machine controls the straight winding of the rolls.

In order to create tight rolls, e.g. to save transport volume, the rolling machine is equipped with a driven push roller.

This roller pushes on the roll during winding due to which extra tension is created.
Since the push roller is driven no material loops will be formed in front of the roller.

After the roll is ready wound it is ejected to a wrapping winder onto  which the roll is manually wrapped when already the next roll is being made on the versatile rolling machine.

The wrapping winder is equipped with load cells to measure the weight of the total roll.

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