New versatile rolling machine M 5728 for non-woven material

1 September 2015

During the upcoming ITMA exhibition in Milan ETF will present a complete new design of her rolling machine type M 5728 for nonwoven material. The current version of this rolling machine was successfully sold for many years to mainly non-woven producers and to producers of carpet and artificial grass as well.

Since these markets showed an increasing need for a machine more flexible and suitable for a broad range of materials in order to serve their customers better, ETF decided to redesign the machine concept. 

The non-woven rolling machine distinguishes itself in the following ways: 
- Cost effective construction using a modular design enabling future extension. 
- Depending on the customer’s specifications, multiple options can be selected.
- A broad range of products can be handled, non-woven material with a weight of e.g. 100 – 2,500 g/m². This can be also needlepunched materials but also carpet or artificial
grass qualities. This can be also needle-punched materials, carpet or artificial grass qualities.
- A roll-up unit can be delivered both as semiautomatic and automatic version to start up the roll.
- Using a pressure roller construction, tight rolls with a straight edge can be rolled even while the roll is slitted into multiple widths.
- Doors at the side of the roll-up unit enable quickmaintenance and easy access to the rolling machine.

The versatile roll-up unit M 5728 which will be shown at the ITMA has the following features:
- Suitable for rolls of 1,200 mm in diameter rolled with the face in.
- Main rollers with a diameter of 324 mm, rollers are lined with black profile lining.
- Rolling speed of up to 100 m/min. 
- Clamping unit underneath the main rollers in order to hold the material during a roll change.
- Rolling machine can handle tube diameters of e.g. 60 and 120 mm by means of a movable main roller.
- Single direction cross cutting unit behind the main rollers.
- Gluing unit in order to start the rolling process automatically.
- Optical laser length measuring system M 2622.
- Automatic tube supply from the side in order to supply tubes to the rolling machine.
- Automatic pneumatic roll ejection roller.
- Automatic side guides in order to produce rolls with straight edges.
- Easy to operate touchscreen in the operator’s panel next to the roll-up unit.

Additional features which are not shown but can be chosen
Options for this rolling machine are:
- Edge guiding unit in case the material is not fed straight to the rolling machine.
- Longitudinal slitting beam in order to slit the material into two or more runners.
- A centre drive system in order to roll thicker and heavier non-woven material or artificial grass.
- Off-line wrapping system including wrapping winder and automatic film dispenser.
- M2620 length measuring system, which can be interfaced with a computer network.
- Tape units in order to close the roll.
- Stretch film dispensers in order to apply a spiral wrapping on the roll.

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