Extended Service for ETF customers

1 March 2018

ETF has extended the service support to her appreciated customers.

Until October 2017 the ETF service department could be reached only during weekdays from 07:30 till 17:00 hours (Amsterdam time **).

Though, as many of our customers operate their ETF equipment also out of these hours, we felt that additional service support would be very welcome to them. The ETF service department can therefore be contacted from Monday until and including Saturday from 06:00 — 23:00 hours (Amsterdam time **) for those customers who register for the additional support.

What will be beneļ¬ts of the extended service support?

  • An experienced ETF service engineer will be available for telephone support during the time frame mentioned above. After registration you will receive a telephone number through which this engineer can be reached.
  • The service engineer has direct access to all relevant (technical) information regarding your ETF equipment so he is up to date with respect to the status of your equipment in just a moment.
  • Within one (1) hour after contacting our service department the service engineer can log into your ETF equipment through the modem to analyse the functioning of it and to trace the cause of a problem.
  • If a problem can't be solved through telephone support, the service engineer will try to get one of his colleagues involved, arrange a visit of an ETF engineer on the shortest possible term or arrange parts to be sent as quick as possible; whatever is required.

What do we expect from you?

As you will understand extending the service support can’t be done without some technical and financial conditions, which are the following: 

  • Telephonic service support outside weekdays from 07:30 - 17:00 (Amsterdam time **) will only be available after registration. The registration itself is free of charge but you will need to provide us with a continuous PO number to which we can charge the actual service support costs.
  • Every time you or one of your employees contacts the ETF service engineer outside weekdays from 07:30 - 17:00 (Amsterdam time **) you will be charged a fixed starting fee of € 350,- for the first hour. Should the telephonic support take longer, € 125,- will be charged for every additional half hour.
  • If the problem cannot be solved, the obligation to pay remains for the assistance given as stated before.
  • Your ETF system should be equipped with an Ewon type digital modem with direct internet access for the service engineer to log in to your system. If you do not yet have such modem installed, please contact our sales department to find out if your ETF machine(s) can equipped with such Ewon modem (depends on age) and if so, receive an offer for the Ewon modem.

To register for the extended service support please fill out this application form and return it to . We will then send you the telephone number to contact our service engineer from Monday until and including Saturday from 06:00 — 23:00 hours (Amsterdam time **).

This will be a continuous agreement. The registration can be cancelled by both parties at any time after informing each other in writing.

We hope this information helps you to consider whether you like to sign up or not.
You can always contact our sales department for further details (+31 495 677000 or  

** Amsterdam time = GMT/UTC +1 (winter) / GMT/UTC + 2 (summer)

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