ETF goes green!

18 June 2015

For quite some time the ETF management wanted to contribute to reducing one of the world’s largest problems: the consumption of energy and the pollution we all create. We need to keep life on earth sustainable for future generations. One of the most logical solutions is to use the natural resources we have on this earth such as wind and solar power.

A study that was carried out proved that a windmill was not feasible. In our area, given the flat countryside, there is not enough wind. We also might have gotten complaints from the people living in our neighbourhood.

The second option we studied was solar energy and based on this study, our choice was made. We have installed a total of 524 panels, each with a capacity of 255 Wp, which gives a total expected nominal annual production of 133.62 KWp. If this value is translated into annual electricity consumption in kWh this production is theoretically almost the same as we use in our assembly plant today. We have opted for a so-called “South-West” construction, meaning we have the longest period of using solar energy, covering most of our production hours when the sun is rising and setting. A so-called “South” construction would have given us a higher peak production but would have covered less of our production needs. ETF is proud to be contributing to reducing one of the world’s largest problems whilst saving costs in a the meantime.

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