ETF Flying Bird

Fly like a bird!

The ETF Flying Birds ride concept is a simulation of birds in flight including all meandering movements. The Flying Birds is a suspended ride offering excellent family entertainment. It is the perfect example of imaginative engineering!

While meandering the birds tilt gently, exposing the passengers to feelings of excitement as they soar through the sky. Every flying bird comes with its own propulsion system. This allows the birds to fly in a limited vertical space as they can climb and dive within the given clearance without restrictions or expensive elevating devices.

The track consists of two tubes placed in a vertical plane. The top tube carrying the birds, while the bottom tube accurately controls the position of the bird while meandering. This dual-tube track allows for a maximum span of 10 metres between columns. The vehicle consists of two frame parts, hinged together on a horizontal axis. The top section consists of the wheels and drive unit; the bottom section carries the two passengers. An arm is attached to
the hinge. At the end of the arm there is a single seating row for a maximum of 2 people (adults and/or children) with a minimum height of 1.0 metre.

Extra safety is provided by the specially designed seats, which automatically “slide” the passengers to the back of the seat for their comfort and safety. And the applied lapbar prevents the passenger from moving up and out of the seat.

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 ETF Flying Bird Technical data

 Typical track lenght 200 – 350 m
 Track type  dual-track system
 Application  indoor and outdoor
 Typical no. of vehicles  8 - 12
 Vehicle capacity 2 adults/children or 1 adult + 1 child
 Minimum height for ride  1.0 m
 Drive system AC motor 
 Ride capacity per hour 480 -720 people 
 Maximum speed  on track 5 m/s     in station 0.5 m/s
 Minimum curve  horizontal 5 m     vertical 5 m
 Maximum incline  8 degrees
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