ETF Suspended Flight
For indoor as well as outdoor scenic ride applications the Suspended Flight gives the passengers a feeling of freedom and offers a good vieuw of the scenery they pass through during the flight. The Suspended Flight track and vehicle enable a broad ride design. Inclining, turning; it can all be added to the Suspended Flight without overshooting its aim: enjoyment for the entire family! 

The track is situated above the vehicles, allowing a perfect view downwards. The vehicles have variable speed regulation - by means of AC motors with frequency regulators driving booster wheels - which can be regulated either by visitors themselves (e.g. by pedalling) or by switches on the track. The vehicles are equipped with one or two seating rows behind each other accommodating between 2 and 4 visitors.

Passengers are protected by a seat restrain system that operates automatically. The ride can also be installed with an optional sound system for sound effects in the vehicle or for informing passengers about the different scenes. Another ride option that increases passenger interactivity for example is the addition of a laser target shooting system. 

Suspended Flight Technical Data
Typical track length 150 - 400 m
Track Type Dual vertical track system
Application In- and outdoor
Typical no. of vehicles 8 - 20
Vehicle capacity 4 adults/children
Drive system AC regulated motor
Maximum ride capacity per hour 400 - 720 people
Maximum speed on track 2.2 m/s
Maximum speed in station 0.7 m/s
Minimum horizontal curve 5 m
Minimum vertical curve 20 m
Maximum incline 8 degrees
Option Interactivity with passengers on track

Leaflet: Suspended Flight