ETF Multi Mover

The system is suitable for permanent or temporary installation in attractions involving the transportation of visitors - such as dark rides and animated attractions. Other possible applications include visitor tour systems in factories. At the time of installation, a guide wire is laid out on the desired circuit for the Multi Mover to follow, but this can easily be rerouted at a later date if necessary.

 ETF MultiMover     ETF MultiMover

Vehicle speed, unlimited rotation of the body and reverse movements can be set by the client and altered at any time. The vehicles are designed to carry either four or six passengers on two bench seats, each accommodating two or three persons. The Multi Mover can accommodate special seating or themed arrangements in accordance with the client's requirements.

Since all intelligence is in the cars and no mechanical track needs to be installed, the overhead costs are reduced to a minimum in comparison with other similar rides. As mechanical tracks are not used, this offers the possibility for revolutionary new ride concepts like crossings at the same level, switches, junctions, driving into and out of dead-end tracks (called >Y-shapes=).

An onboard sound system allows you to inform your visitors - in various languages if required - about the ride and scenes they will be experiencing.

The Multi Mover system can be fitted with an optional two-way communication system allowing visitors to interact with the animated exhibits and scenes. There are a number of possibilities in this area such as target shooting systems and similar competitive features.

ETF MultiMoverETF MultiMover

InterAction Technical Data
Ground surface ride 1.000 m2 and more
Application Indoor
Ride capacity per hour 720 - 960 persons
Typical vehicles guidance lenght 150 - 200 m
Ride vehicles Trackless, battery powered
Vehicle capacity 4 persons
Typical no. of vehicles 5 -15

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