New Multi Mover trackless ride at Vulcania France

ETF delivered ride system by order of Joravision to French edutainment park Vulcania.

Recently ETF was involved as sub-contractor in a large dark ride called 'Volcans Sacrés' (which means 'sacred vulcanoes').


ETF provided eight 6-seater Multi Mover vehicles whose characteristic is that they are wire-guided and can move trackless. This technology combines a system of infrared sensors installed at the base of each vehicle and a copper wire slightly embedded in the floor which is electrified to create a magnetic field. The whole is managed by a control system that determines the speed of the vehicles as well as the traffic on the track. This technique allows greater freedom of the vehicles' movement in the attraction. They can for example move forward and then backward from a scene to another, or even go round in circles in the same room. 

In addition to the wire-guided motion, each vehicle can rotate at 360° thanks to an engine installed at its base. Each vehicle will also be equipped with rechargeable batteries and a system of sensors to avoid collision with an object or a person on the circuit.  

You can find more information and pictures on this ride (article in News Parcs magazine)  HERE